To make Nigeria become a first-world nation, where all the citizens live in harmony, are treated equally to achieve peace and prosperity for all (A Nation that works for all).



We plan to mobilize like-minded citizens to install enlightened, visionary and committed leadership in Nigeria that will motivate the country to optimize its human & material resources to attain global competitiveness in a nation where justice, equity and fair play reign supreme, resulting in happy and contented citizens.



We believe that “Righteousness exalts a nation, and sin is a reproach to any People”. We, therefore, seek to please God in everything we do. Nigeria must be turned into a truly God-fearing Nation without discrimination.


Knowledge derives from education which liberates and brings enlightenment . It opens the mind and brings understanding to local and global issues.

We seek knowledgeable Nigerians who understand the issues in contention and are prepared to share the knowledge with others so as to motivate every one to action in pursuit of the vision and ultimate liberation of Nigeria from the shackles of poor governance and the poverty and misery it  creates.

Nigeria must be a knowledge seeking Nation ,always aiming to be at the cutting edge and ensuring that every Nigerian obtains a minimum education (including entrepreneurship education).

We need to work hard and work smart to raise our productivity and be in a position to increase our Gross National Productivity in an effort to improve prosperity and drive down poverty.

We are looking for creative and innovative Nigerians with entrepreneurial mindsets ready to optimize the 4th industrial revolution and are determined to create a Nation THAT WORKS FOR ALL

We believe that our Country has chronically underperformed and much of this has been caused by leadership that lacked integrity, reveling in corruption, nepotism and criminality and effectively making Nigeria endemically corrupt.

The New Nigeria we seek must be birthed by a crop of Nigerians who are principled and with high moral and spiritual strength to stand up for what is right and righteous.

We need to build a new Nation where Corruption is eschewed and all forms of criminality and malfeasance are punished.

Today, few Nigerians truly love this Nation. Many have grievances against the Country and feel that the nation has worked or works against them. We therefore have a nation no one wants to die for.

Yet it is very possible to turn Nigeria into a lovable nation as many still wish it well despite the way Nigeria has treated them.

We wish to encourage a resurgence of patriotic zeal among Nigerian citizens and together we can build a new Nigeria that works for all and where the life of every one counts which will in turn receive the gratitude of a motivated and happy citizenry, enjoying high quality of lives.

Our Nation is divided because of injustice to virtually every section of the Country at one time or the other by misguided leadership.

We believe this country can be fully united and reintegrated by a leadership that allows justice, equity and fair play to reign. Every child born in this country should have equal chance with every other child to achieve his or her full potentials without discrimination as to his state of birth, ethnicity or religion.

A nation where injustice to one is truly injustice to all and where justice is freely available to every citizen. No one will suffer for a crime he did not commit and no one who commits a crime will ever evade punishment.

Nigerians are often afraid to speak their minds or speak truth to power. In NNG, we seek Nigerians who are courageous and can stand up to their convictions.

We in turn will create freedoms that allow people hold views, pursue their convictions and determine how to live and relate to each other under a progressive and people-oriented constitution . We believe in liberty and freedoms.

A people who feel threatened or afraid, will never be creative nor innovative. Nigeria will be a Nation of Free people who are free to explore all legal opportunities to achieve their dreams and relate to each other as equals.

The siege mentality among Nigerians must be lifted at every level, so that our Nation will soar in every area of human endeavor.

We believe that “ Righteousness exalts a Nation, and sin is a reproach to any People”. We therefore seek to please God in everything we do. Nigeria must be turned into a truly God-fearing Nation without discrimination to any religion or mode of worship. Our religious zeal must translate into true godliness that will manifest in love and compassion for each other, honesty in our dealings, disdain for wealth acquired illegitimately and the consciousness of ultimate accountability to the Creator.

This will ultimately translate to peace in the Nation. This is what we represent and this is what we plan to enthrone in the New Nigeria we seek to build.

Together, we can make a better country



Mallam Isma’ila Babangida Danjuma
Mallam Isma’ila Babangida Danjuma (North East)
Dr. GTN Ajakpo
Dr. GTN Ajakpo(North Central)
Dr. Andrew Duya
Dr. Andrew Duya(North West)
Dr. James Okocha
Dr. James Okocha(South East)
Dr Ebere Wigwe
Dr Ebere Wigwe(South South)
Hon. Olayiwola Abisoye
Hon. Olayiwola Abisoye(South West)

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